Serauxmen Stadium Amateur Baseball Association


The Serauxmen Stadium Amateur Baseball Association was formed in the fall of 2017 after the purchase of the Stadium property by the City of Nanaimo from School District 68. At the same time Nanaimo Minor Baseball transferred the management and financial responsibility of the stadium to the newly formed association. The non-profit society was formed with the explicit goal of managing the Stadium and providing for its long-term capital improvement in partnership with the City of Nanaimo and its user groups. The society is governed by a group of volunteer board members as well as representatives from its four main user groups, Nanaimo Minor Baseball, the Premier Baseball League Pirates, the VIU Mariners and the Coal Miners Baseball League.

It is the executive boards desire that the long-time supporters of baseball, the stadium and the broader community work towards restoring this important sports landmark to its former glory. To that end we encourage all fans of baseball and Serauxmen Stadium to join the new society to help us reach our goal of making the Stadium the premier Amateur Baseball Park in all of Canada.